Finalists 2nd Hackathon MercadoLibre Argentina

After long debate, we’re proud to have selected the 5 finalists from our 2nd Hackathon in Argentina. And the finalists are…

  • MercadoLibre Oportunidades (Maribel Maisano, Facundo Rodriguez Arceri)
  • NearBuy (Pablo Carranza, Matias Anaya)
  • Chequeá (Alejandro Cáserez, Guillermo Romeo, Juan Rossi)
  • Regalo Perfecto (Ramiro Rinaldi, Federico Rinaldi)
  • HackML (Daniel Grippo, Sebastian Kaplum, Pablo Canonico, Mauro Fogo)

We thank all contestants for participating and hope to see you all again in future hackathons. The winner will be announced this week at Red Innova’s event in Buenos Aires. Good luck to the finalists!


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